Country Selection

OES works closely with more than 100 Universities and Colleges in 18+ countries. Each country has its own immigration policies, visa and entry requirement.

University Selection

Selecting a course abroad is a crucial step for any student, so here at OES, we assist students in selecting their course and university depending upon their requirements.

Career Guidance

Every day, we have students from all walks of life approaching us for their career guidance. The OES team has vast industrial experience as the our members are in abroad.

About Us

Overseas Education Solutions

Overseas Education Solutions provides unlimited education opportunities overseas. OESolutions helps to bridge gap between students aspiring for further education abroad & universities into which they seek admission. Our goal is to enable students to get admission in appropriate accredited universities globally.

OES Values

“Our company value lies in rendering the highly committed quality-oriented study abroad education consulting services and achieving the highest level of client contentment”

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About Us
About Us


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Our Best Services


Career counselling / Guidance

In order to guide you appropriately for the destination country, course and college or university our expert counselor firstly conducts a counselling session of you. During the counselling our counsellor finds come to know your aim, your ability and also reviews your academic credentials.

  • Career Guidance
  • Destination Selection
  • University Selection
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Admission guidance and documentation

After counseling students for the right course & university, the next step is to apply for seeking admission in the Institutions. Presentation and documentation of your error-free application largely decide whether you receive the offer letter or not. Thus, we help you in the following aspects:

  • Review and advise for standardized test
  • Preparation of visa file
  • Visa application review
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Visa Assistance/Guidance

Different countries have different rules & regulations for Visa processing. At OESolutions we provide excellent visa consultancy by assisting the students to prepare all the required documents keeping in mind the respective country consulates requirements.

  • Visa appointments
  • Preparation of visa file
  • Visa application review
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German Language Training

German language is very important for students who are planning to study in Germany or for everyday life, or for work or just out of interest. OESolutions helps students to learn German language successfully through a qualified instructor up to B1 level.

  • Warm and friendly experienced trainers.
  • Group activity which will make language learning interesting.
  • We guide students to achieve high grades in international exams too.
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Exam Preparation

For reaching the goal, it is essential to be fully prepared for it. Exam Preparation is one of the most important stepswhen thinking of studying abroad. Students are aware of what they want to achieve but often fail to do so because of their lack of training.

  • IELTS Test Preparation
  • TOEFL Test Preparation
  • LanguageTraining
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why study abroad

    There are many reasons why study abroad programs are becoming so popular. For most international students, the appeal is likely to be a combination of gaining a high-quality education, experiencing immersion in a new culture (and often a second language), gaining a global mindset and expanding future employment prospects.

  • Where in the world should I study?

    Choosing where in the world you wish to study is not always an easy task. As well as your own personal interests, you should think about practicalities such as the costs of studying in that country (both tuition costs and living costs), your graduate career prospects (is there a good job market?) and your overall safety and welfare.

  • How long do study abroad programs take?

    The length of time you spend studying abroad will depend on the program and level of degree you’re undertaking. Generally, an undergraduate degree will take three or four years of full-time study (for example, in the UK the typical length for most subjects is three years, while in the US the norm is four), while a graduate degree such as a master’s degree or equivalent will take one or two years. A doctoral (PhD) program will usually take three to four years.

  • What are the entry requirements for study abroad programs?

    ntry requirements vary widely between universities and between countries, so be sure to check the information provided by your prospective university before submitting anything. Speaking generally, however, if you are applying for an undergraduate degree you will be asked to show that you have completed your secondary education to a standard that is in line with the required grades (e.g. your GPA, A-level grades or equivalent) for the program you’re applying to. If you have an international qualification and are unsure whether this is accepted, you should contact the admissions department of the university. For non-native English speakers wanting to study in English-speaking countries, it is also highly likely that you’ll need to provide proof of your English-language proficiency by taking an English-language test such as TOEFL or IELTS. Similar tests may be required for those studying in other languages. For more information about language tests, refer to question eight.

  • Do I have to speak a second language to study abroad?

    This depends on the country you wish to study in, and the language your course will be taught in. If you’re not a native English speaker but wish to study a course taught in English, you will have to prove you can speak the language to a fairly high level, by providing English-language test results. This is to ensure you will be able to follow your course without any comprehension problems.

  • Will I need to attend an admissions interview?

    As a prospective international student, it is relatively unlikely for schools to expect you to attend an admissions interview in person, although this is not unheard of – especially for the most competitive programs. Some universities hold international interviews in various locations around the world, so you may be expected to attend one of these. There is also a growing trend of using video interviewing. This is like any other interview, with a prearranged time and date, but will take place online, via an application such as Skype.

  • Do I need to apply for a student visa?

    Student visas are a big question for those who want to know how to study abroad, though not all international students will need one. If you’re an EU citizen planning to study in another EU country, for instance, you don’t need a visa.

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