Profile Analysis

Country, University, Course Selection

We guide you to choose the right country, right university and a right course that perfectly fits your career and goals and which best suits your personal, academic and financial profile or parameters.

Admission Guidance And Documentation

After counseling students for the right course & university, the next step is to apply for seeking admission in the Institutions. Presentation and documentation of your error-free application largely decide whether you receive the offer letter or not. Thus, we help you in the following aspects :

  • Giving you the application form.
  • Guidelines to fill the application.
  • Details of documents to be sent along with the application.
  • Preparation of documents like:
    A. Statement of purpose
    B.Recommendation letter
  • Online or postal dispatch of your application.
  • Tracking delivery of your application to university, college or institution.

For universities and colleges represented by us, we send our recommendations highlighting your strengths and also explaining reasons why you should be granted admission, which is considered by university admission officers while taking a decision.