Career Counseling

Counseling and advice for Country and Course

In order to guide you appropriately for the destination country, course and college or university our expert counselor firstly conducts a counseling session of you. During the counseling our counselor finds come to know your aim, your ability and also reviews your academic credentials, work experience and financial status on the basis of which he/she suggests you the right country and course that can shape your bright future.

Review and Advise for Standardized Test

If a student has already taken a standardized test like GRE, GMAT or SAT, our counselor reviews your score and suggests you country or course on the basis of your score. If you already have chosen country and institution we guide you the test score you require to get admission in that institution. If student hasn’t taken such a test then we guide him/her the test and help in booking test for him/her and also guide for the preparation of test.

Preparation of Visa File

Preparing visa file is a tedious task and vital too. A visa file prepared appropriately can fetch visa for you. The visa file presents you virtually before the Visa officer so a minor mistake can miss-represent you and may spoil your chances of getting visa. Our study abroad Visa Consultant has vast experience and guide you for the visa documents required and advice you so simply and accurately that you never feel the complexity of the process and eventually get your visa in your hands.

Visa Application Review

Reviewing your final application before submission is very important as it’s the last chance to analyze your application file. When your file gets ready for submission, it is checked at three levels to ensure there is no mistake or shortage of documents supporting your application.

Interview Preparation

We also prepare students for University interviews and Embassy interviews. We conduct special sessions of students for interview preparation. We conduct several mock interviews of student after which student gains confidence and easily clear the interview. Our experts have sound knowledge of what is asked in interviews and teach you in such an easy way that you answer the interviewer quite naturally and confidently.

The counselling we provide to students takes into careful consideration various factors such as their..

  • Educational background.
  • Experience
  • Career goal.
  • Inherent talents.
  • Personal preferences.
  • Financial limitations.