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Pre departure service

Pre departure service is considered to be the most important step once the student visa is approved. Student travelling for 1st time , it is always important to make student and their parents understand about accommodation, post landing and university orientation .

Overseas Education Solutions organise pre departure seminar and sessions to help parents and student to clear all doubts and fear so they can travel smoothly too their preferred destination and university. Often we understand student travelling on student visa are nervous, therefore we also ask our previous students or universities to greet new students on the airport.

Value Added Services

Our conventional value-added services include assistance for Educational Loan, Financial Aid, Pre-Departure Briefing, Forex, Travel and Accommodation Assistance. We not only assist you in reaching your desired study abroad destination but also make sure that you feel at ease once after you reach there. You can benefit from our alumni network by getting a pre-view of the lifestyle and culture in your study abroad destination which would help you get accustomed to the changes easily.