IELTS Test Preparation


TOEFL is one of the most prominent English proficiency test acknowledged in the North American colleges. The exam TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign Language. TOEFL tests the usage and comprehension of North American English by international students as the way it is spoken, written and apprehended in college settings. The TOEFL test is produced and managed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) that generally sets the questions, leads the test, and gives every examinee the score report. Usually, scholars are confounded on the off chance that whether they have to prepare just for TOEFL or different tests that are required for admission into the US and Canadian colleges. What number of tests you have to plan totally relies upon the course type that you are applying for. But with Overseas Education Solutions, you need not worry about studying abroad.

IELTS General

Overseas Education Solutions has been representing over 500 world-class universities and colleges in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Our overseas education consultants are excellent at giving advice and assistance for abroad education. For all college undergraduate courses in the US and a few in Canada, you have to get ready for the SAT. For MBA courses, gaining GMAT scores are a necessity; likewise, for MS courses, GRE scores are important. Alongside every one of these tests, you need to take either TOEFL or IELTS. Commonly international scholars do not understand how to pick between IELTS or TOEFL, as colleges abroad request either test scores. Since the TOEFL program is intended to test your comprehension of North-American English, it ought to be your first decision in the event that you are applying to colleges in the US and Canada. For the other remaining of the nations, particularly the UK and Australia, IELTS is generally the more favored language test, however, TOEFL is likewise acknowledged. TOEFL test is held around the year and holds about 50 test dates for each year. You can retake the test as many numbers of times as you want, yet to take a re-test you need to sit tight for 12 days after trying the primary test.


TOEFL exam pattern consists of four sections, as follows: Reading (30 marks), Listening (30 marks), Speaking (30 marks), and Writing (30 marks). It has always been the same without stating that the better you practice TOEFL sample papers, the more your scores will be. As we know that the total score (120 marks) obtained will the sum of the individual scores of the four sections. The scores (out of total marks of 120 marks) are supposed to be posted on the web within the 10 days after giving the test date. Then, ETS will transfer the official score reports straight to the universities the student picks